Financial Management

The success and sustainability of any organisation is ultimately based on its ability to manage finances and plan for growth. The Game Plan financial services offering will give you the peace of mind to focus on ways to improve your business, whilst we manage your finances. Our services include budgeting, cashflow forecasting, monthly financial and management reporting, system implementation including policies and procedures, as well as preparation of your annual financial statements and statutory accounts.

In addition we can assist with setting up and maintaining your business records including invoice management, debtors, creditors and payment of suppliers. And if you’d like a little extra help, our team can provide reporting for the Board and Management team for any monthly reporting requirements, as well as Fixed Asset Ledger maintenance.

We prefer to work from our own premises with online access available if you require it, but we are flexible in our approach, and will ensure we help implement the right system for your business.

You simply need to choose the services you require and we will provide a fixed-fee price to meet your needs.

Payroll Services

All businesses have payroll requirements, some don’t need a full time person, but do so to get the skill level they require. Game Plan offers a payroll service that gives you the services and knowledge of a qualified and experienced payroll manager, but where you pay only for the time that you require.

We can offer IMS or i-payroll systems, and also have experience with Timefiler. We can set up your payroll system so that it links directly into your accounting system and, depending on your preference, allows for tax to be taken out at the time of processing, and paid to the IRD on your behalf.

We can help maintain your payroll records on site if that is what you prefer or we can put systems in place to ensure information is sent directly to us to process. Our payroll service also includes the provision of payslips where required, maintaining annual leave records, sorting IRD payments, providing the relevant payroll reporting following each pay period, and even making payments on your behalf.

If you are a school, we can talk to you about assisting you with your Novapay preparation, or to set up systems to allow payments for those employees and contractors not paid through the Novapay system.

In addition we can give access to HR contractors who can support the services we provide, or can assist you with any other HR requirements you may have.

What part of the service you use is entirely up to you.

Business and Risk Management

Managing risk can often be something that businesses don’t consider, or put to the side to think about ‘later’, but is an important task to identify areas in a business that require attention, and ultimately improve it’s success.

As part of getting to understand your business requirements we can work with you to help identify the risks to your business, rank them, then help develop strategies and systems to mitigate the possibility of those more likely to (or will have greater impact from) occurring.

You may also want to extend the financial management services provided by Game Plan to include tasks normally assigned to a Business Manager’s role. This might include assistance with insurances, help with preparing applications for bank funding, special projects, reviews, financial planning or aspects of IT.

IRD Compliance

We know that keeping up to date with the variety of tax obligations in any business can be time consuming. The team at Game Plan can assist you with meeting your IRD requirements including preparing your monthly or bi-monthly PAYE returns, filing your IR348, GST returns, income tax returns as well as quarterly and annual FBT requirements. We will ensure you have advice regarding what payments to make and when they must be made.

We can also help with the preparation of Personal Tax returns, with a particular emphasis on those involved in professional sport or as entertainers. This is where we believe our experience gained in working in the professional environment at New Zealand Cricket could be of immense benefit to our clients. Not only can we assist you with your end of year tax return, but we can help prepare GST and any other tax returns required during the financial year.

IRD compliance is one of the necessities for any business, and Game Plan can help you meet your obligations. If required, we can also provide access to tax experts who can provide opinions and guidance should you need it.

Cashflow and Forecasting

A key factor for any organisation is ensuring a solid process is in place around budgeting and cashflow forecasting. Game Plan can assist in both these areas, preparing a budget for business, and if required, helping to present at a Board level. Once phased, we can take that budget through to a projected 12 month cashflow forecast for both the management team and Board.

If you have the requirement, we can also include the monitoring of cashflow throughout the year, and the preparation of updated forecasted year end positions (which would be presented as part of the monthly reporting process), as part of our services we supply to your business.

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